Biodegradation Testing & Certification

The biodegradation of packaging and products is of major concern. This alternative disposal characteristic is especially important for materials and products that have the potential to be either littered after use, flushed into public or private sewage treatment systems or composted after agricultural or consumer use.

Measuring and clarifying the biodegradability of a product or material can be achieved through several basic tests. Clarification of biodegradability is important because a material may dissolve, dissipate, disintegrate, or deteriorate but still not actually biodegrade.

Validation of biodegradation is received only through testing of the chemical carbon cycle. This is a three test process including % Carbon Analysis, Aerobic Biodegradation and Anaerobic Biodegradation. These methods are precise and reproducable.

Photodegradation, Mesophilic Composting, Thermophilic Composting, and Thermal Oxidation are also used in determining the rate of degradability for a material or product.

Related testing may include FTIR for material compsotion confirmation, Ash to test for the inert content of the material, Heavy metals in ppm, as well as a Flourine Analysis.

We are an Approved Lab for those seeking Biodegradable Product Institute Certification / Logo use. To use the logo materials and products must meet ASTM D6400 or D6868 standards testing.